• Singer-Songwriter, Recording/Performing Artist

  • Keynote Speaker, Author, Writer

  • Workshop Facilitator

  • Adventure & "Savor-Vacation" Facilitator & Host

  • Voice-Over Artist & MC

  • Certified "Belly Core Fitness" Instructor

  • Percussionist and Drum-Circle Facilitator

  • Branding Specialist & Entrepreneur

  • Visionary & Renaissance Woman

  • Human-BEING on a Journey


Though we all have our various titles, credentials and roles, to me, the first and most important aspect of living life on fire is to remember that you (and EVERY human-being) was born - and will always be - valuable and worthy.  Though I have been blessed with some amazing "things" in my life, giving myself permission and allowing the time to fully enjoy the journey of BEING is what truly keeps my light buring bright. My catalysts for all-things-Fabulous are:

  • Allowing myself to give and receive love

  • Seeking and celebrating beauty in all forms and staying open and willing to  the potential for joyful expansion in all things, relationships, and experiences

  • Allowing time and space to connect with nature, to remember the bigger picture of life and to commune with my unique perception of the Divine

  • Letting myself be, feel and express myself freely and authentically

  • Using creative expression to elevate the human spirit and to be a catalyst for good (AKA "all-things- Fab-YOU-lous!")

  • Embracing the adventure of life, taking the scenic route whenever possible and enjoying the journey to the fullest!

  • Listening for, dancing to and sharing the music in my soul - because for me music is one of the greatest ways that love shows itself to the world, and LOVE is the ultimate igniter of LIFE!


There are two things that ignited the fire of all I now do: Music and Love. And it was indeed my love of music that has led me to all I truly, madly, deeply value in my life.

My mom likes to say that I started singing and creating music before I could speak, always having some kind of melody in my head and discovering new ways to express it.  If there was a dashboard or counter to bang on, a piano to noodle upon, or any type of sound-making device within reach, I would surely get my hands on it, and some sort of music-like (and often more noise-like <lol!>) sound would ensue. If there was music playing anywhere at any time, wild horses could not stop me from moving some part of my body and singing or humming along.  No matter where I was or what I was doing, I heard the music playing both around and within me, so I knew that music would always have to be a part of my life - no matter what.

After spending virtually all of my grade school, high school and many of my college years in musical theater, and later enjoying over 20+ years (and still going!) of working with several outstanding bands and musicians covering hard rock, jazz, R & B, blues, standards, old-school funk & soul, high-energy dance-pop, Latin and country music*, the original music melodies swimming in my head only became more and more, and I knew I simply had to find a way to translate these ideas into tangible, playable, hearable reality.  So in approximately 2001, I started sitting down at a piano for extended periods, started picking up a guitar, and slowly but surely started to discover my own musical voice, which continues to evolve to this day.

*More about this on my Reverbnation page

There are many artists and genres that have influenced my writing, vocal and perfomance style over the years, so the best way to bottom-line my identity as an artist is to say that all I write and present carries with it a spark of rock-n-roll, the sizzle of blues, R & B and soul, a sparkle of jazz & pop, and a powerful desire to ignite a fire of love, passion, positivity and possibility in all who hear the music.  My musical dopple-gangers?  Though I have been told that I sound mostly like, well, me, perhaps the best description of my voice & style would combine something like Tina Turner & Gladys Night, with the balance of sweetness & rock edge of Heart, a dash of Shania Twain & Sheryl Crow, a wee sprinkle of Pink & Shakira, and a whole lot of love for the fabulous India Arie; a musical soul sistuh (who I would love to meet in person some day!) who shares my passion for using music to elevate the human spirit.

When creating jingles and specialty pieces for clients, I let my writing muse run wild, as I also love lush, layered vocals & arrangements (like Lorenna Mc Kinnett and Enya), drum and percussion-oriented world-beat music (like James Asher), amazing a Capella music (thank you Pentatonix!!), happy Irish music, and the amazing music and sounds of India and the far & Middle East.

As a dancer and percussionist, though I love ANY and EVERY type of rhythm, Latin, Hip-Hop, Reggae/Island Music, Bollywood, Bhangra, Tribal, African, and Middle-Eastern rhythms really get my fire blazing!  My greatest dillemma when jamming with other high-energy drummers?  Deciding whether to hit the skins or the dance floor!

Bottom Line: Music is the air I breathe, the very blood that runs through my veins, and something that permeates ALL that I do.  Creative expression is my operative term and music is my instrument of choice, for to me, my books, workshops, retreats, speaking engagements, dance classes and ALL that I host or create are just different ways to express the fire of music in my soul  :).



As far back as I can remember, I've had a passion for inspiring others to discover and remember their own joy, power and inner fire.  It began with going out of my way to offer a smile and do what I call "drive-by light-ups" (share sincere complements or words of encoragement with "strangers"), and every time I saw a spark ignite in the eyes of a fellow traveler, I knew that this was one of the things I was meant to do with a great portion of my time on planet earth.

I have always had a different way of looking at the world, most certainly walking to the beat my own drum, yet I did my best to be a good corporate girl and business owner and was always willing to do whatever it would take to "make it happen," ultimately achieving my goal of the moment, but often beating myself into the ground in the process. Yikes!

Though it was (and is) extremely contrary to poular belief, something inside me felt that life and achieving "success" is supposed to feel good, and that happiness and expansion could come from enjoying the journey, rather than solely through the path of suffering and pain.  After reading countless books, attending a gazillion workshops, and self-helping myself to the max, I discovered an amazing teacher who introduced a magical word to my vocabulary and life: ALLOWING.  Though I had heard echos of this concept in other teachings, when I heard this word and the ideas flowing forth from Abraham-Hicks all those years ago, it was as if I heard my OWN inner voice speaking to me - even to the point that they were using exact words and phrases I had written in journals as a young adult - and throughout my life!  When I put these ideas to the test and stopped to consider all of the relationships, experiences, opportunities and things that truly had (and continue to have) value in my life, I was astonished to realize that EVERY single precious, wonderful thing came to me with joy and ease - in short, I LET them happen; I had ALLOWED them to happen!

When I first became an entrepreneur and launched my initial brand, "Rock My Spirit!" in 2005, and then later "Heart-Centered Business Networking" in 2006, I had always felt that this was only a tiny tip of the iceburg - that there was something more calling me, but I had not yet been able to put my finger on it.  Yes, I was having a ball speaking, hosting positive-focused networking groups, sharing my orginal music and writing for local magazines.  I even managed to get nominated for Tampa Bay Business Woman of the Year, receive a "Dream Achiever" award and a "Moxy Woman" award, but when the big "A" (Allowing) concept really clicked for me, I knew that this was indeed the missing piece that I had been seeking.  So in 2010, "Allowing Your Success! & Beyond, LLC" was born and a whole new way of living and doing business became my reality. 

Since the birth of AYS, I have had the joy and pleasure of:


  • Hosting multiple workshops on a variety of topics (see "Client List/Credentials")

  • Facilitating retreats in amazing locations including

  • Having my first book, Allowing Your Success!, published by Transformation Publishing

  • Co-authoring two additional books, Transform Your Life! and Transform Your Life! Book Two

  • Becoming a monthly collumnist/contributing writer for Transformation Magazine & having my articles shared and reprinted in other local and national magazines

  • Having one of our original songs placed in a movie soundtrack ("Chasing Happiness")

  • Taking the road trip of a lifetime, driving from Florida to Sedona, AZ up to Las Vegas and back (and have since started to shop for RVs!)

  • Having the opportunity to perform with amazing musicians at some fabulous venues (see "Client List/Credentials")

  • Spending a month in Sedona, AZ where my husband & I hosted our 10-year vow renewal in 2012

  • Releasing two CDs, "More" in 2010 and "Love is Everything" (AKA "Music for Allowing TRUE LOVE") in 2015

  • Helping my husband create and launch his new studio, website & brand, THE Creativity Express, and allow wonderful clients before even having a web presence!

  • Realizing a life-long dream of learning belly/Middle Eastern style dance, to the extent that I am now a certified "Belly Core Fitness" instructor teaching classes in my spare time! (With the added bonus of easily maintaining and further sculpting a strong, slim, healthy body!)

  • Realizing another dream of hosting specialized wine-tasting experiences (I am a wine nut and insanely passionate about sharing great wines!)

  • Creating a new audio program for "Allowing TRUE LOVE" due for release in November of 2015

  • Creating a sister brand, website and series of workshops & experiences for "Allowing TRUE LOVE" that I get to share with my soul-mate, creative partner and best friend of over 16 years (and we are celebrating 13 years of marriage in September, 2015!)

  • Earning the nick-name "Firewoman" because my fire, energy and passion for my work, love and life is unmistakable :)


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Once upon a time, a certain red-headed girl put a picture of a belly dancer on a vision board and thought something like "somehow, some way, I will do this some day!"  After changing homes & rearranging furniture, that vision board found its way into a box, but that simple act still lit a spark within me that I knew would ignite when the time was right.

Over the years I had started to dabble in belly dance, taking a class here and there, but in 2011, something compelled me to attend a brand new class that had just launced at the Long Center in Clearwater.  When I met the instructor, Sanda "Sandy" Kruger, I knew that there was somethng very special about her and this particular class, so I made a promise to myself to allow the time to attend classes on a consistant basis.

Throughout my career in the music industry I studied and choreographed multiple styles of dance including jazz, modern, Latin, ballet, hip-hop, Burlesque-inspired and more, and my love of the fitness industry inspired me to also work as an AFAA certified group fitness instructor and ACE certified personal trainer for many years.  Though my full-time focus shifted to include all I do today, my desire to allow time to keep the spark of belly dance and fitness alive only continued to grow, so after studying with Sandy (who is like a "soul sister" to me) for 3 years, I realized my dream of learning belly dance and had the honor of becoming the first certified instructor to join her Belly Core Fitness team in 2014!

Today I am thrilled to pieces to get to facilitate these amazing classes weekly, along a "Belly Core Fitness BURLESQUE!" specialty class, which I now share on a monthly basis!  My intention for every class: Offer a great workout and leave all participants  AKA "Dancing Goddesses," feeling energized, inspired and deeply appreciated :)! 

Come out and play if YOU feel inspired!





Vocalist/Musician/Entertainer/MC Credits Include:

  • Coca-Cola (Corporate Village, Superbowl XXXV)

  • Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL

  • Busch Gardens, Tampa

  • Universal Studios, FL

  • The Florida Aquarium

  • T-Mobile National Convention

  • Hard Rock Hotel Casino (multiple events/venues)

  • The Blue Martini (all Florida locations)

  • Women Taking Care of Music Conference, The Palladium, St. Pete, FL

  • Fall Transformation Festival, First Unity, St. Pete, FL

  • Pioneer Days Concert Series, Englewood, FL

  • Healing in the Harbor Festival/Concert Series, Safety Harbor, FL

  • Jackson's Harbor Island

  • The Fox, Tampa

  • First Friday Concert Series, St. Petersburg, FL

  • Third Friday Concert Series, City of Safety Harbor

  • Baywalk Concert Series, St. Pete

  • Centro Ybor Concert Series, Tampa

  • Treasure Island Tennis & Yacht Club (Club TI)

  • DeBartelo Development

  • ASI

  • Tina Turner, Sting, Moody Blues, Dolly Parton pre-Concert parties

  • Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs at numerous locations including

    • The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota

    • The Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota

    • The Renaissance Vinoy, St. Pete

    • The Don CeSar, St. Pete

    • The Renaissance Marriott, International Plaza

    • The Powell Crosley Mansion, Sarasota

  • First Unity of St. Petersburg (Transformation publishing events)MC and Musical Perfomance

  • Unity of Sarasota (Transformation publishing event)MC and Musical Perfomance

  • Mad Hatter's Charity Ball

  • Night of 5000 Charity Ball

  • The Privateers

  • NFL Legand John Madden's Retirement Party including a performance with "E-Street Band" member Nils Lofgren

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneer Ronde Barber's 20/20 Record-Breaking party

  • And many more venues and events

Speaker/Presenter/Workshop/Retreat Facilitator Credits Include:


  • Progress Energy Center for the Arts,
    Women Taking Care of the World Conference

    Keynote Speaker

  • The Amazing Woman/The Amazing Woman Success Network
    Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator & Musical Performances

  • Xerox Tampa
    Keynote Speaker

  • Suncoast Soutions National Users Conference
    Keynote Speaker

  • FNI Tampa Bay
    Keynote Speaker

  • Transformation Magazine/Transformation Publishing (multiple events)
    Workshop Facilitator, Musical Performance

  • Carnival Cruise Lines
    "Networking on the Water" cruise

    Keynote Speaker, MC, Event Coordinator,
    Musical performances

  • Serenity Now
    Workshop Facilitator

  • UU of Clearwater & Tampa
    Workshop Facilitator & Musical Performances

  • Temple of the Living God, St. Petersburg
    Workshop Facilitator & Musical Performances

  • The Village Mystic
    Workshop Facilitator, Musical Performance

  • Retreat Facilitator, Event and Travel Coordinator, Workshop Facilitator, Music Performances in:

    • Sedona, AZ (multiple)

    • Asheville, NC

    • Santa Fe & Taos, NM

    • Gulf Beaches, FL

    • Kauai, HI (October 2015)

  • And many more

MORE about terez

In addition to everything mentioned on this page, here are a few more of my favorite things!

  • Sunflowers! Because they are SOOO beautiful and:

    • They follow the sun - a great symbol for following the light & the fire of love!

    • They are BIG, BOLD and not afraid to reach great heights!

    • Their yellow/gold color, which is happy and energizing, often associated with the sun/light and the solar plexus chakra - our seat of confidence, inner fire/life force & power!

    • They are a source of nourishment - their seeds prized by many!

    • They are often associated with summer and fall; times of joy, fun, abundance and enjoying the bounty of the harvest!

  • Other colors & things:

    • PURPLE!!  It is THE color of ultimate fab-YOU-losity, royalty, creativity, prosperity, inspiration and all-around awesomeness!

    • FIRE and Fire colors!! (kind of a no-brainer!)

    • The scent of orange blossoms!

    • Great wine & tastings in general!

    • Great coffee!

    • Great nature!

    • Animals & birds: Often my greatest teachers :)

    • Laughter & silliness!

    • Reading and listening to words that are used to create art, beauty, laughter & inspiration

    • Photography and photos!!  Taking photos for me is such a great exercise in deliberately focusing on beauty!


  • Hiking, exploring and appreciating beautiful natural wonders, spaces & places especially:

    • Mountains

    • Red rocks (LOVE Sedona, AZ, our 2nd home!)

    • Waterfalls

    • Redwoods, sequoias, aspens, banyans, bamboo forests, grand old-growth oak groves

    • Fall foliage!

    • Spring blossoms!

    • Flowers in general

    • Scenic highways

    • Country roads

    • Star-gazing in the desert

    • Rivers, lakes, oceans, streams and spending time by any beautiful body of water

    • Islands with diverse terrain (LOVE Hawaii!!)

    • Canyons

  • Travel & adventure!!!  I was born with a gypsy spirit and am fortunate enough to live on the most spectacular planets in the solar system, so I intend to see as much of it as possible!  When I travel I look for:

    • Great hiking

    • "CLTs" (Cute Little Towns)

    • Beautiful architecture

    • Historic districts & feel-good historic or sacred sites

    • Places that offer wine, craft beer, cider, meade, and amazing artisan food tastings (LOVE LOVE LOVE a great tasting/pairing experience!)

    • Cool, local coffee shops

    • Friendly, fun people

    • Art galleries/districts & unique shops

    • Beauty in all forms

    • The most scenic walk, drive or paddle possible!

  • My favorite life-travling companions:

    • My amazing soul family,/tribe/"peeps" & "The Posse of Fabulousity"

    • Fun, happy, intelligent, aunthentic people who inspire me and make me laugh!

    • Our two sweet kitties, "Magic" & "Music"

    • The most amazing husband in all the known Universe who makes every step of this great adventure called life even more beautiful than I could ever have imagined :)


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