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Meet the Allowing TRUE LOVE team and find out more about why we do what we do!
The Ultra-Mega VIP
Awesome Allower
Terez and John Hartmann
"The Billionaires of Love"

Photo (c) Lori Ballard

YOU are a human being who believes in the power of Love and a visionary who is willing to consider what could be possible.  YOU are a lover of LIFE, a dreamer, a do-er, a beautiful human being on an amazing journey, and YOU are loved and valued more than you can possibly imagine!  YOU are full of fire, full of potential, full of heart, and full of soul, and WE are honored and thrilled to get to know YOU and be catalysts for YOUR joy and Success in LOVE and LIFE!  Thank YOU for BEING - for all that you do, and especily for all that YOU are - for YOU are the reason for all WE do!

 Here's to Allowing TRUE LOVE and ALL the things that make YOUR heart sing!

John "Rockin Sax" "Harp-man" Hartmann
  • Workshop Facilitator,  Retreat/Savor-Vacation Host

  • Sound and Recording Engineer

  • Live and Session Musician

  • (Sax, Harmonica, Flute, Clarinet, Native Flute, Keyboard & Beyond)

  • The Crucial "Behind-the-Scenes" Wizard and "John-of-all-trades" who helps to make ALL we do possible!

Spend any amount of time with John and you will soon understand why he is truly a living, breathing example of love in action. 

Whether you encounter John sharing his stories, wisdom and insights during an Allowing TRUE LOVE workshop or multi-day retreat, catch him in the act of playing one of his many instruments on stage, have him record your special project in his studio, or watch as he becomes "the elves," the magical entity who loads, unloads, sets up and breaks down all the necessary components to allow live events and concerts to happen, the heart and soul that goes into all he does is unmistakable.

As a presenter, John is a welcome breath of fresh air who is utterly authentic, raw and real.  Whether on or off-stage, he speaks his truth with both humanness and utter conviction, and the passion and pride he feels for his wife, their marriage and their message that Allowing TRUE LOVE absolutely CAN be possible for ALL who are open to it, permeates every facet of his being. 

Beyond the powerful words, music and insights he offers, John's greatest gift as a teacher/facilitator is simply being: He is a flesh and blood example of a healthy, adoring partner and serves as a beacon of hope for all who encounter his bright, beautiful spirit. 

It is his desire that by openly sharing his heart and self, you remember that indeed, all things ARE also possible for YOU.

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Terez "Firewoman"

How can you even begin to quantify love?

When two people feel blessed beyond description and share a soul connection that is deeper and stronger than anything they had ever dreamed possible, "The Billionaires of Love," is but a feeble attempt to articulate the truly incomprehensible value that the Hartmanns place upon the love and life they have created and allowed together.

If you were to ask Terez & John what the hallmarks of feeling like a Billionaire of Love include, they would say it is about:


  • Always feeling truly free

  • Feeling encouraged and celebrated for being completely authentic: To get to be who you are, to walk your own path, and to be able to feel however you feel at any given moment

  • Knowing there is someone in your corner who remembers who you truly are - and who can reflect this back to you when you forget yourself

  • Getting to share your journey with a fabulous play-mate and traveling companion who adds joy, fun, passion, inspiration and laughter to your life: Having the cherry-on-top, whipped cream AND sprinkles!

  • Participating in a relationship where both parties are responsible for their own happiness: Knowing and understanding that maintaining and reaching for personal alignment and well-being is the best way to nurture a healthy, happy experience together

  • Allowing your relationship to thrive on its own terms, rather than subscribing to the "standards" or definitions of others

  • Feeling like every day together is filled with bonuses, upgrades and happy surprises!

  • Providing both a "sanctuary" and an environment conducive to continued expansion, personal evolution and self-discovery

  • To truly be able to love and be loved without limits, and to revel together as that loves grows deeper and stronger with each passing day, month and year


...And there are few things that add more joy to their lives than getting to share what they know and serve as flesh-and-blood, living examples to demonstrate that experiencing the relationship of YOUR dreams IS also possible!

More about The Hartmanns:


Terez and John have been experiencing music and magic together as a happily married couple for over 13 years (as of September 21, 2015) and have cultivated an amazing friendship for over 16 years.  Their "fairy tale" story of how they allowed their extraordinary, soul-mate relationship based on TRUE LOVE and how they continue to adore and celebrate each other as they live happily-ever-NOW, is an inspiring living example of the kind of love and connection that IS possible between two human beings.

Together they have hosted several Allowing TRUE LOVE Workshop-Experiences along with life-changing and outrageously fun "Allowing Adventures (TM)" and "Savor-Vacations (TM)" in Sedona, AZ, Asheville, NC, The Gulf Beaches of Florida, and Santa Fe/Taos, New Mexico, and in October 2015, will be adding Kauai, HI to their roster of magical destinations! 

Because music was the spark that ignited their passions for life and each other, they have also continued to write, compose, record and perform music and have allowed sonic harmony together on stage and in the studio for over 15 years.

Their "Allowing" ideals and teachings have been greatly influenced by the work of as they have experienced first-hand how well life and LOVE flow when you prioritize personal well-being and alignment, while permitting yourself to fully live and enjoy your journey today and NOW.


In the meantime, here is a
Fabulous YOU!

Click on the link to hear a radio interview featuring REAL stories, tips and tools for Allowing TRUE LOVE!



  • Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Retreat/Savor-Vacation Host & Organizer

  • Author of "Allowing YOUR Success!", Co-Author of Tranform Your Life! Book One and Two, Contributing Writer/Collumnist with Transformation Magazine

  • Singer-Songwriter/Composer/Arranger/Producer

  • Recording/Performing Artist/Musician (percussion, keys, guitar)

  • Professional MC and Voice-Over Artist

  • Dance and Drum Facilitator and Certified "Belly Core Fitness" Instructor

  • Visionary and Renaissance Woman

Below is a bullet list of Terez's client list/credentials and additional links to full bios.

Speaker/Presenter/Workshop/Retreat Facilitator Credits Include:


  • Women Taking Care of the World, Progress Energy Center for the Arts
    Keynote Speaker

  • The Amazing Woman/The Amazing Woman Success Network
    Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator & Musical Performances

  • Xerox Tampa
    Keynote Speaker

  • Suncoast Soutions National Users Conference
    Keynote Speaker

  • FNI Tampa Bay
    Keynote Speaker

  • Transformation Magazine/Transformation Publishing (multiple events)
    Workshop Facilitator, Musical Performance

  • Carnival Cruise Lines "Networking on the Water" cruise
    Keynote Speaker, Event Coordinator, Musical performances

  • Serenity Now
    Workshop Facilitator

  • UU of Clearwater & Tampa
    Workshop Facilitator & Musical Performances

  • Temple of the Living God, St. Petersburg
    Workshop Facilitator & Musical Performances

  • The Village Mystic
    Workshop Facilitator, Musical Performance

  • Retreat Facilitator, Event and Travel Coordinator, Workshop Facilitator, Music Performances in:
    Sedona, AZ (multiple)
    Asheville, NC
    Santa Fe & Taos, NM
    Gulf Beaches, FL
    Kauai, HI (October 2015)

  • And many more

Vocalist/Musician/Entertainer/MC Credits Include:

  • Coca-Cola (Corporate Village, Superbowl XXXV)

  • Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL

  • Busch Gardens, Tampa

  • Universal Studios, FL

  • The Florida Aquarium

  • T-Mobile National Convention

  • Hard Rock Hotel Casino (multiple events/venues)

  • The Blue Martini (all Florida locations)

  • Women Taking Care of Music Conference, The Palladium, St. Pete, FL

  • Fall Transformation Festival, First Unity, St. Pete, FL

  • Pioneer Days Concert Series, Englewood, FL

  • Healing in the Harbor Festival/Concert Series, Safety Harbor, FL

  • Jackson's Harbor Island

  • The Fox, Tampa

  • First Friday Concert Series, St. Petersburg, FL

  • Third Friday Concert Series, City of Safety Harbor

  • Baywalk Concert Series, St. Pete

  • Centro Ybor Concert Series, Tampa

  • Treasure Island Tennis & Yacht Club (Club TI)

  • DeBartelo Development

  • ASI

  • Tina Turner, Sting, Moody Blues, Dolly Parton pre-Concert parties

  • Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs at numerous locations including
    The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota
    The Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota
    The Renaissance Vinoy, St. Pete
    The Don CeSar, St. Pete
    The Renaissance Marriott, International Plaza
    The Powell Crosley Mansion, Sarasota

  • First Unity of St. Petersburg (Transformation publishing events)
    MC and Musical Perfomance

  • Unity of Sarasota (Transformation publishing event)
    MC and Musical Perfomance

  • Mad Hatter's Charity Ball

  • Night of 5000 Charity Ball

  • The Privateers

  • NFL Legand John Madden's Retirement Party including a performance with "E-Street Band" member Nils Lofgren

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneer Ronde Barber's 20/20 Record-Breaking party

  • And many more venues and events



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“Settle down?!  Never settle for less, or down-size your dreams!"

John Hartmann

“Let love become your compass and aim, and watch the landscape of your life change..."

Terez Hartmann

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