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John Victor Hartmann
Your Conductor & Creative Engineer

Sound Recording, Editing and Mixing
Photo/Graphic Editing and Touch-Up
Session Musician

Recording/Mixing Platform:

Tenor, Alto Sax, Harmonica, Flute, Clarinet, Native Flute, Keys


John the Sound Engineer
From the moment John discovered digital recording, his entire world changed.  A self-taught sound and recording engineer, John has been recording and co-producing music and audio projects since 2006 and is still just as passionate as the day he discovered ProTools and constructed his first working studio. John has recorded, mixed, mastered, produced or co-produced jingles/music for branding, voice-over tracks, and EVERY song on our MUSIC page. 

He specializes in creating and blending lush, beautiful vocal harmonies and prides himself on doing what he calls audio "clean-up" work, to remove ticks, spikes or extraneous noise to further enhance the the beauty and clarity of a piece.

John the Session/Live Musician
John started picking up musical instruments from the time he was 4 years old and spent the duration of his middle, high school and college years in band programs playing clarinet, flute, and alto, tenor, soprano and baritone sax, while serving as drum major his entire senior year.  He was the first ninth-grader to ever be part of Gibbs High School stage band, and was given the honor of being accepted into All County Stage band in both his 9th and 11th grade years.  He later studied music theory and added bassoon to his reporitoire at St. Petersburg Jr. College, but it was a few years later after joining a rock and blues-oriented band with childhood friend and guitarist, Chuck Melton, that he discovered his signature sound and style, adding harmonica to the mix.

In 2000, John began working with Terez and has since joined her on stage as part of their dynamic duo and
full-band configurations at venues and events including:

Hard Rock Tampa (with the "Synchronicty" band)
Healing in the Harbor concert series, John Wilson Park, Safety Harbor
Multiple Cinco De Mayo and St. Patrick's Day Celebrations
Jackson's, Harbor Island
The Blue Martini Tampa (with the "Synchronicty" band)
Harpo's, Ybor City
3rd Friday Concert Series, Safety Harbor
Baywalk, St. Petersburg
Centro Ybor, Ybor City
Allowing Adventures! acoustic concert series in Sedona, AZ, Asheville, NC, and Santa Fe, New Mexico
John's “rockin' sax” style has been compared to Clarence Clemons, Alto Reed, David Sanborn and Boots Randolph,
always adding a little rock 'n' roll and rhythm & blues flavor to every piece he touches.  Examples of his saxiness can be found in these songs:

Part of the Solution
My Holiday
Groovin' on LIFE!

Samples of these songs can be found on our

He has also become know as "Harp-Man" for lending his kickin' harmonica flavors to both acoustic and studio projects.  Examples of Harp-man in action can be heard in the songs below:

Many the Miles
Prosperity - Love is EVERYTHING!

Samples of these songs can be found on the MUSIC page of:

His ability to play virtually every wind/reed instrument ever made also adds a distinctive signature and organic flavor to even the most dance/electronic-oriented piece and his natural abiltiy on Native American flute has been known to soothe, heal and to transport listeners to other realms.  John's native flute stylings can be found in this piece:


"Wings" can be heard on our MUSIC PAGE

Terez Hartmann

Your Creative Consultant and Project Manager
Composer, Arranger, Singer-Songwriter
Voice-Over Talent
Custom Script Writing & Editing
Branding & Graphic Design

Keys, Guitar, Percussion


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