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Available Services


As artists, we know that every project is special and deserves the greatest love and care.  Because of this, we treat every project like a new-born baby and every client like family, creating a warm, welcoming, comfortable, casual environment conducive to relaxing and allowing YOUR genius to flow!


Voice-Over services and options are available for:

  • Commercials

  • Intro/Ending Credits for

    • Radio Shows

    • Audio Books & Products

    • TV/Videos/Film

    • ANY audio project requiring polished, professional presentation

  • Character and Specialty Voices and Accents including:

    • "Rufus" (male redneck/hillbilly voice)

    • "Verna" (female redneck/hillbilly voice)

    • "Vally Girl"

    • "Little Girl"

    • "Obnoxious Announcer Guy"

    • Your request!



Custom Music & Jingles

Make your brand, product, service, event or project stand out and be remembered by adding custom music to your project!

Every great creation deserves its own theme song and few tools are more powerful for remembering a brand or eliciting an emotional response from potential buyers/clients than well-placed music!  Music and song-writing is a passion for us and with our extensive network of talented musicians, the sky is the limit!  Whether you are looking for a basic 30-60 second memorable jingle or an epic piece for your film or special project, no request is too big or too small for our creative team!



Audio Books & Programs

Options and packages are available for:


  • Recording, editing and mixing of your book or special audio project read by our talent

  • Recording, editing and mixing of your book or audio project read by you

  • A combination of both

  • Editing and "clean-up" of your existing audio books/material

  • Adding professional voice over intro/ending and music to your existing audio books/material

  • Customizable "Audio Success" Packages which include your choice of

    • Professional intro/ending and "disc-change/pause messages" Voice-Overs

    • Custom "signature" music for your product/brand

    • Custom intro/ending script creation

    • "Tweaking" of your script by request

    • Recording your book/audio project read by our talent

    • Recording your book/audio project read by you

    • Final files available in MP3 and high-quality .wav formats

    • Custom CD cover/designs for physical CD or cover art to accompany your MP3 file

    • CD case/package printing

    • Custom CD label design

    • CD label printing

    • CD duplication/replication

    • Promotion spotlight and product announcement shared with our client base, promotional partners and via our social media sites

    • Assistance with brand identification/establishing signature image(s) and brand/product "one-liner"




Licensing Music for Film, Video, Campaigns & Special Projects

If one of our songs feels like the perfect fit for your film, video, radio show, campaign or special project, contact us!  We are always honored to share our music!




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